By editor on January 28, 2018 — 1 min read

There should be one culture: Win. We fucking win. When we’re done winning, we win some more. When we do that, we have winning for dessert, and then we go to bed in a blanket of winning. It’s about winning.

Those are artificial tactics: “We only do Series A’s.” No. It’s about winning. Buffett started off owning a bunch of random businesses and then learned about insurance. He learned about a market, and then owned that market, because he wanted to win. And then he bought Burlington Northern Santa Fe, cause he wanted to keep winning. Then he did Heinz. He’s a winner. You want to be around winners.

A company’s job is to win on behalf of their shareholders. (51:10)

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Editor's Note

These are Chamath Palihapitiya's words. They are probably some of the best thoughts on VC, business, and life, but were scattered around the Internet. They live now in this archive.