War of Ideas

By editor on February 19, 2018 — 1 min read

We are in a war of ideas, the arbiter of which, in part, will be the capital that one brings to affecting those ideas and bringing them into being. So when you put all of these things together, if you believe, again, as I do, that we are better off in a more equitable fairly distributed world — and frankly, I come from this perspective not because I’m some bleeding heart that wants to see all of this stuff: I couldn’t care less about any of that.

I’m actually more Darwinian and I’m like, “How interesting would it be for all of us to run a race?” because I suspect some of the people who would win these races are very atypical than the folks that have historically won the race.

And that, to me, that delta and that change and that chaos is really interesting. I just want to be in a position in my lifetime to observe it. I suspect that the sort of prototypical person that would have otherwise gone to a very good private high school and gone to an Ivy league school, then worked at an investment bank, then got an MBA, and all of a sudden is in control of something, is probably not, the person that will be in charge in the future.

That’s a really interesting thing to play out. And it probably won’t be a guy, and he probably won’t be white, and all of these things are actually important reallocations and redistributions of power.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZn8MEsQwOg (12:37)

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Editor's Note

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