By editor on February 20, 2018 — 1 min read

In very small ways, I confuse what is valuable sometimes. I just wonder whether if I’m suffering from that confusion, and I seemingly have enough signaling where I don’t need the affirmation of the people around me, I wonder how other people deal with it.

Forget even, adults, dealing with it. How do younger people deal with it? Or people that are dealing with more severe issues, whether they are physical or emotional or otherwise?

Adam Bain and I were in New York this weekend, and I took a photo, and I really thought about [the filter for 15 minutes]. And I think at some level, that’s really okay. But at some other level, I’m just consciously wondering, to myself, “Wow, that was not a behavior that I even knew existed within my value framework a few years earlier.”

I’m trying to, as I get older, self-actualize around these kinds of things and ask these kinds of questions, because I think they’re worth asking. I suspect other people think about it, and, if you have an opportunity to vocalize some of this stuff… I just have to do a better job of how I do it.

Part of my takeaway, as well, is I have to grow up and realize that I actually do, for the most part, say what other people are thinking. But I have to do it in a more constructive way. This press cycle that’s been happening is completely unnecessary. (3:20)

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