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What does grit and resilience come from? Well, it has to come from a personalized struggle of something that you care about. And so for me, what I’ve been spending a lot of time with is, what is the context that I need to set for my kids? I think I can do a lot of context setting in the construct of healthcare.

In an educational world, I really do believe I’m going to give my kids complete freedom to be able to want to go and achieve, anything they want, even in the absence of a degree. I want them to step off the bridge and fall flat on their face. And I don’t have a toolkit of what the tactics are. It all comes back to this idea of grit and resilience.

Oh, by the way, like, the educational system has a huge role to play, too. Like we have coddled, and diapered, kids all the way up through high school now, where you don’t really put them in a situation, where they can overachieve or underachieve with any meaningful consequences.

Everything’s managed to the middle. Our sports infrastructure’s all about everybody gets to score a goal, everybody gets to get on the field. It’s not just a parental thing, because even if you try to do something and punch your kid in the face and kick him out in the snow, it doesn’t matter because everybody else will be there with 19 blankets and a warming hut, and the police. So there’s nothing you can do by yourself. (23:12)

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