Fast Growth

By editor on February 20, 2018 — 1 min read

What Google did was they basically tricked 20-odd million people to try it in the first three weeks. What we did, was we meticulously found the first 20 million people that loved Facebook. It took us 50x longer. 50x longer!

Right now, the culture will reward people to get there in 24 days. But I would really encourage you to try and get there in 1,000 days. Because if you get there the right way, you’ll still be around 10 years from then, and Google Plus is gone. And so, slow, predictable, high quality growth, and user acquisition is the first key part in creating product leverage. (53:58)

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Editor's Note

These are Chamath Palihapitiya's words. They are probably some of the best thoughts on VC, business, and life, but were scattered around the Internet. They live now in this archive.