Changing Morality

By editor on February 20, 2018 — 1 min read

We have a shift underway in what is acceptable morality. Nobody talks about that. You have a die-hard constituency of people that fall on this, “Trump is a liar.” Like, if you saw the Romney thing. If you ask the average person, they have a very different definition of morality and right and wrong now, because the world that we live in is slightly more contrived and created than it ever was. Like, our entire lives used to be how we were in our true self. Now, I’d say it’s like 60% our true-self, and 40% what we program on Facebook and Instagram… and Snapchat. And to think that that doesn’t have an effect on the psyche, and the psychology, because all of us are like, “Oh, we’re lying half the time anyways,” and then when you see someone else lying you’re like, “Fuck it, he’s lying too.”

So the morality is changing. And so in that morality, changing to a different place, you have people like that who have the opportunity to seize it. It’s not unacceptable in the way that it was in the 60s, or the 70s, or the 80s. So we’re dealing with a very different dynamic, in terms of how society believes there’s an expectation in your behavior.

And so that’s why it exists. I’m like kind of just like fascinated sitting on the sidelines just like watching it all. (4:15)

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Editor's Note

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